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We believe that knowledge is the foundation of successful interaction with the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Our commitment extends beyond our immediate clients to technologists and curious minds in the wider community.


The Content Page is our dedication in action. We've designed this platform to disseminate educational content that clarifies the often complex dynamics of the digital asset landscape. Here, you'll find a vast array of articles, news updates, and resources, all curated with an aim to educate and inform.


Our content serves as a beacon, illuminating the intricate mechanisms of cryptocurrency and the technology that powers it. For technologists, we delve into the innovative aspects of blockchain, providing a deeper understanding of this game-changing technology.


We're committed to empowering you with the knowledge and insights necessary to navigate the crypto sphere confidently. Your journey into the dynamic world of digital assets starts here.


Created in-house, here we share articles, insights and research straight from the Golden Pear team.

The Holy Grail: Bitcoin Spot ETFs

Oct 23, 2023

Allan Matheson

The beginning of 2023 was dominated by a regulatory crackdown on the crypto industry in the United States. Since June 15, 2023, however, the narrative shifted as Blackrock submitted a spot Bitcoin ETF application to the Securities Exchange Commission. Following their application, a host of other financial giants followed suit, including Fidelity, Franklin Templeton, Invesco and others. The potential approval of these applications has dominated discussions and speculation in crypto markets.

The Holy Grail: Bitcoin Spot ETFs

yWeb3: Navigating Frontier Tech | Will DOJ Charge Binance? | The Curve Hack | Superconductor Test

Aug 4, 2023

Allan Matheson, Founder of Golden Pear was hosted on a prominent crypto industry podcast. Moderated by Jay Steinback, CEO & Founder of yWhales and joined by Pablo Rodriguez-Fraile, Chairman of Aorist; and Fred Thiel, CEO of Marathon Digital they discuss the latest developments in the world of Web3 and emerging technologies. The episode discusses the potential fraud charges looming over Binance, as reported by the Justice Department, KPMG's enlightening report on the ESG benefits of Bitcoin and an in-depth exploration of the risks to DeFi posed by Curve's liquidation.

yWeb3: Navigating Frontier Tech | Will DOJ Charge Binance? | The Curve Hack | Superconductor Test

Family Offices are Misallocating Technology Investments

Jul 25, 2023

Allan Matheson


Technology investments have been among the highest-growth, most attractive risk-return investments for over two decades. The internet, biotech, and fintech have all exhibited massive growth and substantial returns, especially when accessed through alternative asset investment funds. The hottest new sector is, of course, AI. However, there is one technology that is currently in the doldrums that may offer great opportunities for Family Offices.

Family Offices are Misallocating Technology Investments


Banking Powerhouse HSBC Working With Crypto Custody Firm Fireblocks: Sources

Franklin Templeton files for Bitcoin ETF, joins race for crypto ‘holy grail’

Franklin Templeton, with $1.53 trillion under management, joins the race for a spot Bitcoin ETF.

CFTC Commissioner Caroline Pham proposes pilot program to regulate crypto

Cathie Wood's ARK Invest Files for First Spot Ether ETF

Cathie Wood's ARK Invest Files for First Spot Ether ETF

Visa to send stablecoin USDC over Solana to help pay merchants in crypto

Visa using USDC on Solana exhibits an increasing trend of institutional adoption of blockchain technology. Competition across blockchains is healthy for innovation.

SEC Delays Spot Bitcoin ETF Decision for All Applicants Including BlackRock, Fidelity

This delay was quite expected.

First bitcoin ETF could be coming soon as court rules in favor of Grayscale over SEC

Grayscale was unreasonably denied their Bitcoin ETF, the court ruled today. This could open the door to US spot ETFs for Bitcoin. If an Ether Futures ETF is also approved this year, would the same logic apply for an Ether spot ETF?

Twitter (X) Acquires Required License to Add Crypto Payments

Elon wants to create an everything app out of twitter. What role might Digital Assets play in this vision?

Treasury Aims to Snag Tax Cheats With Crypto Broker Proposal (1)

More clarity in the US for handling crypto transactions. A major concern here is that, as drafted, some parts of decentralized finance would not have a path to compliance and would lead to more builders leaving. Comments are due Oct 30 and hearings to follow on Nov 7.

FTX, BlockFi, Genesis Customer Data Compromised in Kroll Hack

Poor FTX customers can't buy a break. Kroll is a major provider of cyber security services and consulting but seems the leak originated from them.

Coinbase Gets a Stake in Stablecoin Operator Circle and USDC Adds 6 New Blockchains

Two of the largest American organizations in crypto are deepening their ties. hype is skyrocketing, but will it actually reach the stars?

Cool to see blockchain applications that are innovative and pushing in to the mainstream. This app has a long way to mature but it shows embers of some of the applications that could be popularized on the blockchain infrastructure that is being constructed.

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