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Part of our mission at Golden Pear is to provide education about the innovative technology that empowers blockchains and the applications being built upon them. We constantly educate investors, business groups, forums, family offices, corporate boards, chambers of commerce and others about this exciting technology. Peeling away some of the misinformation, speculation, and scams that exist with regards to crypto and focusing on the technology and its present and future use cases, these education sessions leave attendees with a concrete understanding of how blockchain technology could represent one of the most major innovations since the advent of the internet.

We offer personalized educational and training sessions designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills to navigate the dynamic landscape of digital assets. Interactive sessions walk through an understanding of blockchain technology, its current and future use cases, tokenization, and how to access blockchain data for assessment purposes. Most importantly, we incorporate hands on interactions with smart contracts and protocols to actually show attendees blockchain in real time.  

Sessions are typically led by Allan Matheson.


Board of JCDecaux

“The Power of decentralized finance”

YPO Milan Chapter

"Why Crypto Cannot be Ignored."

YPO Northeastern US, Connecticut River Valley

"What Drives Crypto Currency"

Prominent, Well-known Think Tank

Blockchain workshop (6 hours)

YPO Trans-Canada Gold

"An Introduction to Crypto."

YPO Events - Industry Insights

Web 3.0 Demystified - Deep Dive "TradFi vs DeFi"

YPO Global Financial Services Network

"Decoding Web3 - What is it exactly?"

Los Angeles YPO Personal Investment Forum

Part 1: Crypto 101 (Macro)

Part 2: How to DeFi

Instructor, yWhales Crypto Workshop

Crypto Bootcamp

Golden Pear provides educational opportunities to qualified investors, business groups, forums, family offices, corporate boards, chambers of commerce and others. All sessions are interactive and hands-on, showing real time interaction with smart contracts and engagement with the technology. Some suggested formats and audiences are as follows:

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In addition to our most popular offerings, we are also delighted to provide exclusive customized talks or courses specifically designed to meet the unique needs of your team. With a keen focus on delivering actionable knowledge and empowering you with the latest market insights, we ensure that each session is tailored to maximize your team’s objectives.


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